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School Teacher

It has great prayers but the app doesn't keep the date. Everyday when I go to pray it starts from scratch and it prompts me to put in a start date. I emailed the developer to tell them the issue and they have not emailed me back or corrected the issue.


I am doing day 33 today. I'm so glad I found this app! It has been completely wonderful and convenient. I love how it works and I will most definitely be using this app for my future consecrations to Mary. 😊 Thank you to the creators!!

Wonderful App

Good App. Easy to use. Could only give it 4 stars because of the automated voice which would sometimes stop before the prayer was finished.

Pretty and adequate, but bad translations are confusing

This app is adequate in the preparation for Total Consecration, and it’s pretty, but no more. The translations of Louis de Montfort and Thomas a Kempis are dated in some ways, confusing in others. I suppose the Bible readings are from the Douay Rheims but even those are weak. Editors’ headings are pasted inline with the actual readings. Prayer translations are poor, especially the Ave Maris Stella.

I was let down

This app has destroyed my life.

Simplifies a great consecration

My life is forever changed by the light of my most holy mother.


Very easy to use and not easy to forget to do. One of the most fruitful consecrations I've done

Totally Recommended

If you're interested in Marian Consecration, this app is great. It's simple and easy to use.

Thorough and easy to use!

This app has all the parts of the Consecration to Mary. To use it, you enter your starting day and then each day return to the app for the daily reading and the daily prayers. They can even be read aloud for you (though it is an automated voice, not read by a human). The only downside (and probably better for you spiritually) is that you cannot look at the previous days nor look ahead. You can only see the current day's reading and prayer. Though I've sometimes wanted to look back or look ahead, this has forced me to focus more closely on that day's intended reading and prayer.

Well worth it

Well done inspiring and sincere.


Great app- very user-friendly with a beautiful interface. The audio for the prayers was a nice touch. Well done!

Easy to follow de Montfort's Consecration to Mary

While reading St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion, I Came across this app that allowed me to follow the daily readings and prayers of the 33 days to Consecration effortlessly. I definitely needed the background of TD, but I could do them both simultaneously. I also am reading and going through the contemporary book 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley, and he referenced the litanies and more and more prayers as you go forward, while his retreat gives summaries of the teachings of de Montfort as well as St. Maximilian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Theresa, and St. John Paul II. I decided to do 33 Days along with the original de Montfort retreat, and I am richer for the extra readings and prayers. The app gives it all to me each day, I don't have to flip around a book to know what to do, then find each prayer. My experience toward Consecration to Jesus through His Holy Mother Mary is more meaningful with this app. Thank you for its development.

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